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Every computer will have a certain screen resolution which is basically the amount of pixels that are present on the screen. This will depend on a few factors with the first being the quality and size of your screen and the second being dependant on what settings you have your computer set to. Finding out exactly what your screen resolution is on your computer is often a task that will require you going into your control panel and selecting a number of options. This can be tiresome so on this page, you can find the most simple way to check your screen resolution ever in the form of our useful tool.

The screen resolution of your computer is always something that you will need to know if you do a lot of web development as you will need to ensure that your website caters to everyone’s needs. The first part of this will of course be finding out what your own screen resolution is and making sure to test it. It is also useful to know your screen resolution if you are going to be watching a movie or playing a game as the higher your screen resolution is, the better quality it will be.

Screen resolutions are displayed as a certain amount of pixels by a certain amount of pixels. For example, my screen resolution is showing 1920 x 1080 on the tool on this page which is correct. This shows that my screen resolution is that of a full HD screen making it perfect for watching movies and a variety of other things. The tool below is great in the way that it is extremely simple to access and will show your screen resolution on the instant you load the page.

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